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Stock Footage

Majik Video Systems has a comprehensive range of New Zealand rail operation stock footage available on DVCAM videotape.

  • NZR, Tranz Rail, Toll Rail and KiwiRail freight trains
  • Weka Pass Railway
  • Unit trains - coal, milk, container, timber
  • Kingston Flyer
  • General freight trains
  • Scenic rail shots
  • Tranz Scenic passenger trains - passenger carriages
    & railcars
  • Also Wanganui Aero Work's fleet of Fletcher's, Cresco's and helicopters
  • Suburban passenger commutor trains
  • Glenbrook Vintage Railway
  • Privately operated Heritage steam & diesel-electric hauled passenger excursions

stock footage sale

Television Broadcast
Minimum Fee $350.00
Per second used $10.00

Promotional / Non-Broadcast
Minimum Fee $100.00
Per second used $5.00

NOTE: Editing and tape costs are additional.